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About Robot Bomb Shelter

Robot Bomb Shelter (RBS), aka Jake Brower, formed in its current incarnation in late 2006. After nearly 20 years in the making and through several evolutions, Robot Bomb Shelter broke onto the electronic music scene in January of 2009 with a remix for a local San Francisco band, ejector. RBS draws on his influences from the realms of techno, electro and industrial/EBM to create powerful, technically structured and dynamic electronic dance music.

In the last couple of decades Jake learned as much as could about the technical side of creating dance music.  His vision was to marry the process of creating great music with his passions of sound synthesis and performing.  He has great understanding of frequencies, spatial sound design, sequencing, drum programming, automation and mastering techniques.

RBS is a controllerist and uses a variety of hardware tools when performing live to create heart-thumping music in real time.  Jake has become very skilled at controlling many different pieces of hardware at once in conjunction with sequencing software.  His shows are very different from other electronic music shows in that RBS creates his sets live on stage.  He spends months crafting every sound, clip, riff and sequence and then unleashes his fury on stage in an audio explosion.  Every show is unique and dynamic and their flow is entirely up to him.

In June of 2009, RBS released his first professional production, an EP titled Robot Picnic and it quickly became a favorite among fans. It represented a life-long journey into creating new, interesting and intelligent dance music with a twist. Later in 2009, he released a single titled Synthetic Famine and it also became a favorite.



In February 2010, RBS got his first chance to perform live, opening up for ejector at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience and he quickly realized that this is something special. He thoroughly enjoyed performing live on stage and he knew this is what he was meant to do. During 2010, RBS secured gigs all over San Francisco and was also accepted to play live in Japan for the Kansai Music Conference/Festival and Spain for Madrid Pride. By the end of 2010, he had racked up a ton of experience and exposure to be ready for 2011, including opening for Nitzer Ebb. He also released a full LP titled Staring at Screens, which became an instant success. People from all over the world were now supporting and following him.  His fourth release, an EP titled Osculate was released in February of 2013 and represents a more minimal side.

In 2011, RBS has had gigs in Toronto where he opened for Kill The Noise at Canadian Music Fest, Chicago, San Francisco and Guatemala. He also had another major tour of Japan in 2011 where he played to packed houses in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe.  There, he was also asked to be a guest speaker at the Kansai Music Conference on the use and benefits of social media as a musician.


In January 2012, Robot Bomb Shelter was named as one of the top electronic acts of 2011 according to Toronto’s examiner.com - among such acts as deadmau5 and Crystal Castles.

On the remix front, Robot Bomb Shelter has produced remixes for such bands as Poor Little Saturday, ejector, Adonisaurus, The Knife and Art Department ft. Damian Lazarus - with many more on the way.

Jake is also a co-founder of the San Francisco electronic music collective known as We Were The Future, which exists to promote new local artists and further the electronic music movement in the Bay Area. He is also signed to Blue Pie Records and Oscillate Records.



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